Thank you for taking the time to view the following pictures, (best viewed on a computer monitor). Please note the concert images were photographed over two days from separate angles, and it is worth checking

the two days as your child may appear in one, the other, or both. After ordering, the photographs will have the watermarks removed and will be colour corrected and straightened if required.

Some images may appear slightly dark, but this is due to the lighting effects on the night.

 Please view the information bellow, and do not hesitate to contact Carl or Nic on 0414574693 if you have any questions.


All studio group pictures are provided as PRINT ONLY (please provide the size required next to the two image numbers).

All other images will be emailed (not print). This allows for you to print at any size you require.



Studio Pictures –Images were taken at the dance studio on November 24th.

2018 Presentation Day

Grade 3,4,5 Ballet

Main Characters

Budding Ballerinas

Grade 1 Ballet

Primary Ballet

Pre-Teen / Teen Jazz

Junior Jazz

Intermediate Ballet

Pre-Primary Ballet

Spanish Tap

Grade 2 Ballet

Senior Ballet

Primary Jazz

Grade 3-4 Jazz

Grade 1-2 Jazz

Trees and Senior Tap

Test 3 Tap

Grade 5-6 Jazz

Advanced Ballet

Advanced Jazz


Concert images – BABES IN TOYLAND

Opening Scene– Grades 3,4,5, Intermediate Ballet 1

Girls Medley – Budding Ballerinas

Boys and Girls – Grade 1 Ballet

Humpty – Junior / Pre-Teen / Teen Jazz

Ain’t That Funky – Beginners Jazz

Lemonade Ballet – Intermediate Ballet

Marry Marry – Primary Ballet

Twinkle Twinkle – Pre-Primary Ballet

Castle in Spain – Bronze / Silver Tap

Bo Peep’s Sheep – Pre-Primary Ballet

I can’t do the sum – Grade 2 Ballet

Gypsy Scene, Dark Forest & Toy Maker– Intermediate / Advanced Ballet

Puppet on a String – Grade 3 / 4 Jazz

Dolls – Grade 1 / 2 Jazz

Jack in the Box – Beginners / Primary Jazz

Soldiers – Advanced Tap

Love and Marriage – Test 1,2,3 Tap

Everlasting Love – Grade 5 / 6 Jazz

Rhapsody in Blue – Senior Classical

Dancing Queen & Presentation – Senior Jazz


All studio group photos can be purchased as prints only, whereas the individual and concert photos can be purchased as high quality digital files and they will be emailed.


Prices for the group prints which include the two images are -  


6x4”   (15x10cm) $15 a pair - This includes two of the posed group images – Please indicate the file number required.


8x12” (20x30cm)  $25 a pair - This includes two of the posed group images – Please indicate the file number required.



Prices for individual or concert images emailed –


1 image = $15     

2 images = $20

3 images = $30 and so on…


If you would like prints instead of a digital copy of these, the price would be 6x4”(15x10cm) $10, 8x12” (20x30cm) $18 each.


Purchases can be made by emailing or calling Carl on 0414574693. For bank transfers, please deposit into the following account and leave your name or contact number

as a reference.


Account – Carl Muxlow

BSB – 112-879

Account number – 057275216


All images are printed locally on professional quality paper. Any order placed before 18th December will have them available ready for Christmas.


To order online, please email with the corresponding numbers to the required photo’s. If ordering group images, please indicate the image number, quantity and required sizes.


ABN# 61 045 149 018


The following order form can be copied and pasted if needed - 



Name –

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Email –

Group shots may include another section.

Emailed images will be large files suitable for printing (dependent on stage lighting).


Individual Photos prints or email                                 Group Photos x 2

Group Photos x 2

Image Number



8 x 12




$15 for 1, $20 for 2, $30 for 3 etc.

$10 each

$18 each

$15 Pair

$25 Pair


































































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